Innovating the University Scene
Innovating the University Scene
פורסם בתאריך 05/07/17 14:55, מאת Hanoch Sapoznikov leads Amdocs worldwide academic relations


Back when I went to university, I took classes remotely. However, the technology of the time was immature and hadn’t yet evolved to enable a full remote learning environment. Cloud environments were no more than a dream, which made a program we recently ran for six geographically scattered Indian universities that much more interesting to me

We work with universities around the world to help students develop the toolset they need to integrate innovation into their professional lives. What makes this program stand out was the distance between the schools involved, and utilization of the cloud to bring it all together. Six schools in India, making up 18 teams with over 100 students, participated in the program, competed for the opportunity to present their ideas to  Amdocs Management

We gave all the teams real-world challenges, provided them with information and innovation tools, assigned them all mentors, and wrapped it all in the cloud. From there, the teams came up with ideas, talked to their mentors, and developed their own product pitches. The top five teams were invited to Amdocs Pune headquarters, where they delivered their pitches and demos and attended a gala event hosted by Amdocs India and Amdocs Innovation leaders

In the end, the NFV team from BIT Mesra took home first place, but in my mind, all the teams that participated were truly winners. They were exposed to cutting-edge technology, taught the latest innovative techniques, and hopefully, will be able to use the skill set that they learned to get a step up on their careers


Hanoch Sapoznikov leads Amdocs worldwide academic relations. The program establishes a comprehensive framework for Amdocs’ worldwide open innovation collaboration with academia