Innovation and beer
Innovation and beer
פורסם בתאריך 24/05/17 16:55, מאת Yael Ashkenazi, Amdocs Innovation

Faced with the growing pace of emerging technologies, at Amdocs Innovation, we are on a constant quest to explore how all of this affects us. And if that sounds like a technologist’s heaven, it is!

So to ensure we do it right, we have created Launchpad – a new cross-organizational program, designed to harness the power of collaboration. Its aim is to accelerate our understanding of the latest trends and technologies, their relevance to Amdocs, and their impact on our business.

So what are the ingredients of success?

We can summarize them in 7 steps:

Educate ➔ Collaborate ➔ Ideate ➔ Mentor ➔ Validate ➔ Prototype ➔ Pitch

As part of our open-innovation mindset, we open our doors to the larger ecosystem to leverage external intelligence and allow potential partners to pitch their own solutions and co-innovate with us by brainstorming potential use cases.

Experience shows that the holy grail of successful innovation – the type that translates into actual business results – has the best chances when the top-down processes intersect with those from the bottom-up. So to help achieve this, we asked top management to appoint their own representatives to be a part of the program and mentor the teams throughout the process.

The program consists of three stages:

To make it even more fun, we brew beer as part of the process – and the final pitch to management culminated with a glass of cold home-brewed beer.

We’ve just completed the process of a Blockchain Launchpad, and already seeing great results!

Yael Ashkenazi runs the Amdocs Envision Program, which seeks to create a vision around technology trends, tie it to Amdocs strategy and build prototypes to bring the vision to life.